1. How does DigiSchool impact Teachers and Students? How effective DigiSchool is for my School?

In a recent study DigiSchool has significantly impacted the teaching community and students. Following are some of the major impacts evident from the study: Impact on Students o Increased Interest o Better conceptual understanding o Faster learning o Increased Concentration span o Content mapped to board o High impact interactive content developed by industry experts Impact on Teachers o Makes teaching easier o Improves productivity for teachers o Ample teaching material o Data Saving Feature for revision o Plans lessons in advance/create quizzes, test o 13000+ question bank o Follows CCE methodology

2. How does DigiSchool work?

The interactive whiteboard forms the display board on which our interactive content is broadcast. The interactive content is managed and controlled by the teacher through classroom PC or the IWB (interactive white board) that is provided. The content is stored in the form of a database processed by a CPU place near the IWB, other components of the hardware package comprise of a UPS and a cabinet where all this is placed. A projector is installed in the classroom to project the content on the IWB. The audio-visual is supported by multimedia speakers provided in the hardware package. All these combine to make learning highly innovative and engaging.

3. How does the content work?

The interactive content works like a software program on the interactive white board.

4. How easy it is for my teachers to adopt and use DigiSchool?

DigiSchool is user-friendly. It’s very easy for teachers to adopt this technology and bring a difference to their teaching, with more impact on the students. We provide specialized training, which motivates teachers to use DigiSchool in their classroom and also trains them with ICT skills. According to teachers DigiSchool saves time and is highly convenient. It gives teachers freedom to experiment with their teaching style and instructional material provided as content. Some of the key areas where teachers consider DigiSchool highly useful are – lesson planning, maintaining interactivity in classroom, saving and reusing lecture materials, access to large question bank, use of audio-visual for effectiveness, all these and many more.

5. How long does the implementation take?

Once the agreement is signed, the implementation takes minimum 7 working days.

6. How will the training help my Teachers?

Teachers can benefit in many ways. Key benefits of the training program are: o Motivation and guidance o Building Digital-literacy – expert in ICT skills o Professional development

7. How would DigiSchool get implemented in my School? How many schools have implemented DigiSchool?

Eduworks believes that effective implementation of innovative educational technology is the key to achieve success. We offer premium implementation & service of DigiSchoolTM solution on a turnkey basis at the school’s doorstep. DigiSchoolTM solution will be provided to schools as per the contract terms between the school and HCL Learning. We provide you seamless services as per the school hours through an experienced team of qualified experts.

8. What is DigiSchool interactive content?

DigiSchoolTM interactive content is the rich multimedia curriculum mapped to CAPS, South Africa that runs on the interactive white board. Teachers use the multimedia content to make teaching-learning process more interesting in the classroom. Subject can be dealt with a new approach and simulated environments improve scope of understanding.

9. What is DigiSchool?

DigiSchool is a digital interactive multimedia teaching-learning classroom solution that is innovative, effective and proven to deliver measurable outcome. DigiSchool installation requirements: o Hardware and classroom infrastructure o Interactive content (with notebook software) o Service o Resource Coordinator* o Network/Cabling/wireless router

10. What is interactive white board?

One of the most important hardware components of DigiSchoolTM, interactive white board is an impressive combination of whiteboard with computer, to run multimedia lessons in the classroom. It brings to you the power of touch, allowing teachers-students a touch and feel experience through use of finger or digital pens. It integrates different types of digital tools, interactive multimedia content and facilitates novel ways of presenting lessons. It makes teaching-learning dynamic, impactful, easy and convenient. Teachers can save, reuse and revise their lessons, thus saving a lot of time which otherwise would have been wasted in writing on the traditional chalkboard/blackboard.

11. What service support will I get with DigiSchool?

Best service is our guarantee. Service forms an integral part of our DigiSchool offering. We provide following services to our Customers: o Online/Onsite Support o Dedicated customer relationship management team to serve you better, take timely updates from you, manage license issues, handle complaints and content-related issues and provide support through phone or mail. o LCS – a human resource capital of 8000 service engineers all over India to provide resolution to technical and hardware related issues.

12. Why do I need DigiSchool?

Schools today, are faced with a lot of challenges, how to make classroom more interesting, diminishing interest level and short attention span of students, monotony in teaching-learning process, lack of additional support to understand difficult topics, limited time for teachers and burden of completing the syllabus on time, high student-teacher ratio, difficulty in motivating teachers to embrace latest technology list is endless. DigiSchool through its simple and user friendly, highly interactive, curriculum mapped content and technology is the answer to all these problems. It ensures high engagement level thus providing best learning experience to the students.