What is Digischool?

Digischool is an interactive browser based E-learning portal that uses the power of multimedia to make learning an enjoyable and meaningful experience. With Digischool, pictures and animations bring to life scientific and mathematical principles while interactive multimedia allowing students to play an active role in learning.

Why use Digischool?

A Teacher-Centric solution, it offers an interactive multimedia teaching repository covering all grades (R-12) for English, Maths and Science. The software embodies the proverbial “Learning by Doing” approach and uses real life, age appropriate content.

Did you know that children recall 20% of what they see, 40% of what they see and hear, and 70% of what they see, hear, and do?

Digischool is Eduworks premier multimedia-based educational offering that embodies the proverbial “Learning by Doing” approach. Digischool is a technology-oriented initiative that uses the power of multimedia to make learning an enjoyable and meaningful experience. Designed specifically for Indian classrooms, it provides rich content as well as the systems to enable a participative instructor-led learning experience supported by strong media.

With Digischool, pictures and animations bring to life scientific principles while interactive multimedia allows students to play an active role in learning. Students can watch experiments in action, see micro-organisms up close, know how food is digested and use an interactive white board to work with images, simulations and other interactive material.

It is no wonder then that the Digischool program keeps students thoroughly engaged in the learning process.

As part of this program, each school is provided with a centrally located server that is loaded with multimedia content, relevant software, and an Operating System. This server is connected to a Desktop computer, which can be accessed by the teacher. The teacher can project material from the desktop computer to an LCD display for viewing in the classroom. Teachers can also prepare their lesson plans using the software, and access relevant content according to their plans. The use of multimedia speakers ensures that the lecture is clearly audible to all the students in the class.

Digischool Highlights

– EER Pedagogy and 100 % CAPS Alignment

– Covers Maths, Science and English Grammer from Grade R-12

– Animations: These are used to effectively demonstrate concepts, processes, procedures etc.

– Key Teacher Intervention Points: The content provides intervention points intermittently for teachers to raise predetermined questions for students and engage them in meaningful discussions and interactions.

– High Quality 2D Graphics: Images and graphic illustrations are used to explain concepts for a variety of subjects.

– Engaging 3D Graphics: These are used to illustrate concepts. For example, the concepts of volume and fractions can be brought to life through 3D visuals.

Watch The Digischool Demos Below


Digischool Features

DigiSchool is a truly unique solution with well researched and scientifically developed content mapped to Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) that covers entire R-12 spectrum.

Media Rich and Pedagogically Sound Content

Sound Instructional Design coupled with engaging media elements deliver the perfect learning mix for teacher-students. In-house content development after thorough scientific research and in-depth understanding of the student’s learning needs. Content designed using the EER (Engage, Evaluate, and Reinforce) instructional model.

Age Appropriate Media Treatment

DigiSchool is created keeping in mind different learning abilities of students of various groups. Games based fun to learn visual and instructional audio handhold the younger learners through their teething years in education. Narrative and theme-based 3D graphics led by digital actors foster quality education and imaginative thinking at the right age. Scenario based and descriptive 2D/3D renditions, visual essays and video presentations enliven realistic scenarios and walk-throughs and make learning effective and relatable. Semi realistic scenarios, visual essays and video presentations address ‘hard spots’ and clarify difficult concepts through a mature, pedagogical approach suited for these grade levels.



Nuggets (interactive content) are mapped to grades and curriculum. Multiple Nuggets are used for complex topics and are classified into curriculum, subject and chapter.



Quizzes are spread throughout the content to reinforce learning.



Engaging simulated environment wherein students can learn through experiments.

Diagram Xplorer


An interactive approach to draw and label diagrams.



Visually summarizes all the concepts and key learning points covered in each video.

Lesson Planner


Teachers can create their own interactive lesson plans.



Interactive way of exploring world geography.



A step by step interactive approach to solve mathematical problems.