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Eduworks is a not for profit organisation, founded with a vision to boost Mathematics and Science in Schools.

Our ground-breaking, classroom-friendly and learner-centric products will transform the lives of Teachers, Students, Parents, Schools and Society.

Eduworks is a highly innovative and technology driven company revolutionizing the education system in South Africa. The company is designed to provide best solutions make learning and teaching easier, more fun, enriching, effective and affordable to ALL.

Eduworks provides structured learning through the use of digital content that allows teachers to educate in the classroom and learners to study at their own pace outside of the classroom. We currently focus on Mathematics and Science from Grade 0 to 12 through the use of state-of-the-art educational materials, aligned to a pedagogy that encourages sustainable learning

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The best service is our guarantee. Service forms an integral part of our DigiSchool offering.


World Class & Cutting Edge Technology


Eduworks was founded with a vision to promote and boost Mathematics and Science in Schools. By keep the need of South African Education system in mind, Eduworks and HCL Learning did the brainstorming for 3 years and came up with solution- “Digischool”.


Maths and Science Focus

Through Mathematics and Science, children learn to make sense of their world in terms of numbers, shapes and patterns. They learn to reason, connect ideas, and think logically. Mathematics and Science is more than rules and operations, it is about conceptualising and understanding relationships in every aspect of life.

Unfortunately across the globe, a phobia for these subjects is prominent amongst young learners. However, the current education system has made a 360° shift from learning by obedience to learning by application.This means children learn best when they are interested in what they are being taught .

So, we need to encourage children to show respect for their thinking processes and allow them to explore different ways of solving problems. The Eduworks platform strives to promote such learning. 

Transforming the Digital Classroom

Conventional educational environments focus on memory-based learning instead of the construction of knowledge. This makes it difficult for students to apply knowledge in real life contexts  which vary from those typically found in textbooks.

To address these issues, education experts recommend these guiding principles:

  • Connect to a specific pedagogy for fruitful teaching and learning;
  • Connect knowledge to live outside the school;
  • Shift away from rote method;
  • Go beyond textbooks;
  • Make assessments more flexible;
  • Create more tools to make the concepts visible.

Technology is often seen as a means of solving such issues. Today’s students are no longer the people our educational system was designed to teach. The evolution of information and communication technologies, its relevance amongst young children and the ease of access to technology in our environment are core aspects to consider.

Solutions, like the EduWorks platform, will empower and create future citizens equipped for the digital age.

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For further information, contact Willy Govender,
Mobile: 083 7795441, Email willy@sdh.za.com

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